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New Raspberry Pi Meetup in SF

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Free Client Template – Meeting Prep


This simple template is the quickest way to make sure everyone is on the same page for a meeting and will show up on time Continuing on the theme of making life easier when it comes to managing clients, I have another valuable template to share with you.  As I talked about in my previous post where I shared a dead-easy Wireframes Template, one of the most valuable tools I  have developed over my career are a collection of templates…

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Free Client Template – Wireframes


This simple template is the quickest way to avoid problems when presenting Wireframes Throughout my career I have done a surprising amount of agency work.  The key to success in this type of work is managing expectations before a topic ever comes up.  If you wait until after there is a problem then your job has just shifted from creating-value to putting-out-fires.  Just like in real life, when one fire starts it tends to spread quickly to everything else. The most valuable tool to…

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Custom Rear End for Triumph Thunderbird Sport

Before and after the Triumph Thunderbird Sport fender eliminator

I wasn't happy with the rear end on my Triumph Thunderbird Sport.  So I decided to design my own fender eliminator kit using 3d printing.  Below is a picture of the bike with the original rear end.   It's a great looking bike, especially with those racing carbs attached to the engine, but it felt like something was missing.  Or rather, something should be missing. My first iteration on the custom rear end was still a bit clunky. There was a…

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Create your own health dashboard for less than $35


Step-by-step instructions to Create your own health dashboard for less than $35 In theory, wearing an activity tracker (fitbit, UP, Misfit, etc) is a great idea.  You can see how much activity you have throughout the day and if it is looking a bit sparse it can help motivate you to get up and move.  If you do this enough times over a sufficiently long period of time you should see results in how you both look and feel.  There…


Mopey the Desk Lamp

  Just a quick weekend project.

How do you get an 85% open rate for your email campaigns?

It's pretty simple actually, but you're not going to like it.  You'll have to piss a few people off and be ok with receiving emails from people saying they are "marketing professions who almost didn't even open this email" and that you are "an idiot who has no idea how to send marketing emails." Here's what you have to keep in mind.  First, you are only writing your emails to your ideal customer.  You are NOT trying to make the…

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New, more intuitive, layout to Hash Text


"Sure, it useful, but does it make sense how I'm supposed to use it?" That was the thought that drove the latest iteration of Hash Text.  Previously there was a rather non-linear flow to the application (you would have to swipe both left AND right just to send a message).  So we've streamlined the process and improved the navigation.  The design was upgraded to look less like it was inspired by rainbows and, it's now even easier to choose which number for…