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Free Client Template – Meeting Prep


This simple template is the quickest way to make sure everyone is on the same page for a meeting and will show up on time

Continuing on the theme of making life easier when it comes to managing clients, I have another valuable template to share with you.  As I talked about in my previous post where I shared a dead-easy Wireframes Template, one of the most valuable tools I  have developed over my career are a collection of templates to solve simple, recurring, problems when working with clients.

One of the quickest ways to throw off your whole day is to have a decision-maker not attend, or not be prepared for a meeting.  When this occurs, it not only makes the first meeting unproductive, but almost always requires another meeting to be scheduled to cover what was supposed to be covered in the original meeting.  You can quickly solve this problem by sending a “Meeting Prep” email the afternoon before an important meeting.  Pro Tip: If you send the email at 3pm, client’s time zone, it will give them plenty of time to see it before the meeting while not giving them enough time to try changing the agenda before the meeting.

This template communicates the meeting time, what service(s) you will be using to communicate and share assets, any necessary phone numbers or access codes, meeting agenda, and where they can expect to find the assets after the meeting is complete.

Go ahead and make your life a bit easier, view and copy the Meeting Prep template here

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