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Free Client Template – Wireframes


This simple template is the quickest way to avoid problems when presenting Wireframes

Throughout my career I have done a surprising amount of agency work.  The key to success in this type of work is managing expectations before a topic ever comes up.  If you wait until after there is a problem then your job has just shifted from creating-value to putting-out-fires.  Just like in real life, when one fire starts it tends to spread quickly to everything else.

The most valuable tool to help manage expectations with your clients and avoid confusion before it ever surfaces is templates.  No template has proven more valuable than my “Wireframe Explanation” template.    Share this template with your clients before the very first meeting where you would be sharing assets.   It not only explains what wireframes are and how they compare to visual designs, but it also explains why wireframes are valuable and how it impacts the project.  This is accomplished through a combination of clear wording, easy to understand examples, and visuals.

By using this template you will instantly avoid conversations like “Why are you designing me a GREY APP!?”, “Where are the colors!?”, and “This doesn’t feel sexy enough.”

Go ahead and make your life a bit easier, view and copy the Wireframe Explanation template here

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