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How do you get an 85% open rate for your email campaigns?

It’s pretty simple actually, but you’re not going to like it.  You’ll have to piss a few people off and be ok with receiving emails from people saying they are “marketing professions who almost didn’t even open this email” and that you are “an idiot who has no idea how to send marketing emails.”

Here’s what you have to keep in mind.  First, you are only writing your emails to your ideal customer.  You are NOT trying to make the quick-to-offense individuals happy.  They will NEVER be happy!  Second, every time you receive an email from someone saying they “almost didn’t even open this email” what that really means is you actually had a pretty compelling subject line.  So compelling that they had to open up that email to see just what it was.  They think it’s a bad thing.  You on the other hand, know it’s a good thing!

The quickest way for you to find great compelling subject lines to use on your own email campaigns is to spend a few minutes in your spam folder.  Just look for the subject lines that you find yourself actually wanting to click, even though you know they are all spam.  Emulate those!

Think about it.  These spammers are masters at getting people to do things they would never do if they were thinking logically.  Just think how many Nigerian princesses have been saved because of savvy spammers?

Here is the first headline we used in the three-part email campaign:

Contains password. DON’T LOSE!

The only goal with your subject line is to get someone to open up the email.  Similarly, the only goal with the text inside of the email is to get someone to click through to a website.  Basically, every step should ONLY be focused on moving a potential customer to the next step.  Did you notice that this headline didn’t say anything about buying?  Heck, it doesn’t even say what the product is or what the password is for!  Don’t try skipping steps, or you’ll fail and confuse those you are communicating with.  Say it with me “Every step should ONLY be focused on moving someone to the next step.”

There is a caveat to your compelling subject line.  You absolutely cannot lie to your customer!  If the subject line says the email contains a password, then it better contain a password.  There is no quicker way to lose a potential customer than for them to realize you lied to them.  Goodbye trust and goodbye sale.  However, feel free to create a superfluous login page that requires a password and then send them a password.  Just don’t lie about sending them a password.

Headline #2:

Make sure you don’t miss out

Seriously, people have a huge fear of missing out on something.  That’s why when someone walks into a room in the middle of a conversation, they will almost always ask “what are you talking about?”  They don’t want to feel left out.  What’s even more fun is to randomly throw out the name of someone nearby while in the middle of a conversation and see if they turn their head.  99% of the time, they will.  A person’s name is a very powerful trigger-word which will almost always get their attention.

Speaking of someone’s name… Headline #3:

Hey [First Name]

Where [First Name] is replaced with that person’s actual first name.  This headline works because this is the same kind of language we use with our friends.  When you write an email to a friend the subject line is usually pretty simple and boring, because we know that they are going to open it no matter what.  You’ve probably written a lot of subject lines similar to “Thought you would appreciate this”, “Check this out”, “Hey Mike” and the list goes on.  So when you send an email that emulates this type of language you actually have a pretty good chance of getting someone’s attention.

Still not convinced this will work?  I don’t blame you.  Getting someone to open up a spammy email isn’t that much of a feat.  The important measure is actually how many sales came out of this!  Because, as I said earlier, if someone feels lied to they will never buy from you.  So the logical thought is to believe that a spammy subject line will actually decrease sales.

Well, in this three-part email campaign we brought in $13K+ over the course of a week with a list of just over 2,300 emails and there was consistently an 85%+ open rate to the emails.  That means each email address we had was worth $5.65.  Now imagine if every email in your list was worth $5.65 over the course of a week.

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