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New, more intuitive, layout to Hash Text


“Sure, it useful, but does it make sense how I’m supposed to use it?”

That was the thought that drove the latest iteration of Hash Text.  Previously there was a rather non-linear flow to the application (you would have to swipe both left AND right just to send a message).  So we’ve streamlined the process and improved the navigation.  The design was upgraded to look less like it was inspired by rainbows and, it’s now even easier to choose which number for each of your contacts you would like to use.

Basically, we took something that was useful and made it easy to use as well.  We hope you enjoy the new iteration of Hash Text as much as we do!

Step 1. Write your message

Step 1. write your message

Step 2. Select your contacts

Step 2. select your contacts

Step 3. Review & Send

Step 3. Review Step 3. Send

You can download a copy of Hash Text for free here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hash-text/id583517207?mt=8



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