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Hash Text launches Free version on iTunes App Store

Screenshots of the Hash Text iphone application

Awesome news for you iphone users. The app Hash Text was just approved by Apple for a very big update. You can now download the application for free and use it for as long as you want. Hash Text allows you to send group messages without sharing everyone's contact information and at the same time it automatically personalizes each of those messages to the person you are sending it to. Not only that, but when someone receives an individual message…

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Hash Text

personalized group texting for the iphone

Group message from your iphone without having to share everyone's contact information. The Story, the Three Goals, and the Two Things Learned Think back to this past Christmas morning.  You probably received a text message saying "Merry Christmas" followed by no less than FIVE exclamation points.  You saw who the message was from and felt special that on that particular morning they thought of you and took the effort to let you know.  When you opened the message you realized…

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Four Reasons why Schools Ruin Books for Us


Every time I hear someone say "I like reading, but only magazines" I die a little on the inside.  Not only that, I want to get away from that person as soon as possible, because if you're not reading books you probably have lots of other problems I don't want to deal with.  The number of people in the US who do not regularly spend time reading is both staggering and depressing, and I blame it mostly on our school…

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Validating Your Market

Google Trends graph of Catan and Settlers of Catan

Having a cool new product isn't enough, people need to want it too.  If you are introducing a new product or service that people don't even know they need you will be spending most of your time educating your customers as to why they would need your product or service in the first place.  Educating consumers is an extremely costly and difficult process and you should avoid it whenever you can. Instead, validate your target market before you invest a…

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Welcome to Classic Tim.  I'll be periodically posting advice and examples of work involving topics including business, marketing, design, and crowdfunding.

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Building an Elegant Standing Desk

Brick and Acrylic Illuminated Standing Desk

A few years ago I had a vision of what would be an absolutely gorgeous bar, perfect for serving wine or classy martinis.  At the time I didn't have the space to create this bar, but I never let go of the idea.  Recently, I committed myself to making my design, but changing it to be a standing desk for my home office.   With minimal tools I was able to create a desk I am truly proud of. The top of…