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Here are a few examples of what people are saying about my work

Thanks & congratulations for the best Kickstarter project I’ve encountered. Both your product and project management are without equal. I’m really going to miss your weekly messages. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.
-Dr. Benn

Hey Tim

My Hexels arrived, and they are awesome!
Thanks for your inspiration, perseverance, constant updates, and dedication to get the project to this point!
I really hope you can take Hexels and build a commercial product and business for yourself (and employ some staff – I think i would have gone insane packing and shipping that many orders!)

Thanks again, and all the best for the future of your Hexels!
-Steve S.

FYI –http://instagram.com/p/pcdtBQRmYy/
The cats are frustrated with the resiliency.


Hi Tim,

My Hexels have arrived safe and sound. I assembled them last night and I’m impressed with the quality. You’ve done a fantastic job and they are totally worth the wait. I hope to use them in a game very soon. Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Greetings and Salutations Tim,

I have assembled all 173 of my hexels. I am delighted with the ease of assembly and the enhanced playing experience. Thanks very much for the great idea / product. Thanks too, for the extra booster pack, that was a very pleasant surprise.
-Patrick R.

Hi Tim!

Absolutely loving the Hexels. We’ve been playing Settlers about every day since we got the pieces assembled – so that’s a couple of weeks. So far only using a 5-6 player set up with the Knights/Cities, but the kids want to add more to the board now. Which means that some day we may need a few more Hexels. What is the outlook for production after your Kickstarter rewards are completed? I could well understand you needing a break. Just curious if there will be more some day. Nice work on the project. Even with all the delays. And props to you for your great attitude throughout the process, and the regular communications with the backers.
-Carrie O.

Love love love these. Played a full set 6 mini island game yesterday and since I got lucky at a flea market I have hexel shipped harbors from early sets. Love Love Love

Wish I could post a pic here
-Jeff M.

We played our first game of Catan with the Hexels after assembling them. They’re everything we hoped they would be! You should be very proud, thank you so much for making this project happen, they’re wonderful!
-Lauren H.

We love the Hexels!
-Daniel S.

Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for such a great project. I’ve really been enjoying my Hexels. I was wondering if you have any extras that I can purchase? Or are you planning on making any more? Could I “fund” another set of Hexels? Thanks again!
-Jordan W.

Hey Tim,

Watched your video. Congrats! I’m sure you’re relieved, more than anything, that you can move past this project. The hexels are great. Quality parts, and everything fit together nicely.

I have a question. You mentioned you have some extras. I’m seriously interested in getting more Hexels. The 63 I ordered cover all the land tiles. We use water tiles a lot too, so it looks like I need more to incorporate our water into things. How many can I get for water tiles?

Also, any plans in the works for a special 3 tile hexel for the Barbarian fleet tile? I’m assuming you’ll just say, “cut and glue 3 of your hexels together” :-)

Thanks and hope to hear from you,
-Robert S.

Hi Tim,

the Kosmos tiles do fit perfectly into your hexels. Great job!
Best regards from Hamburg, Germany

-Marco P.

Thank you very much, Tim!
The hexels are now on my desk and I will assemble them today!
I love your work!
Thanks again and good luck for further steps…

-Anita A.

So I got my hexels and assembled them a couple weeks ago. I used them for the first time last night (they worked superbly, btw) and several of my friends want to know how they can get their own sets. Is that even possible at this point? If so, how might they be able to get some?

-Alan E.

Thanks Tim! We love our hexels.
-Barbara R.

Got mine yesterday and am almost done need more glue. You are a rock star sir! I got 63 and almost enough to make them all but realized all the extra is just in case. Supper happy to be able to build games fast now I need to better organize my box.

Thank you again you are my 1st kick starter and am happy to have helped you out!

I wanted to know when your going to sell them again. My friend who lives in SF is a huge fan and I know wants them. I want to get him them as a gift.

Congrats on the success and wish you the best in the future.
-Sean G.

I appreciated your weekly updates all year and my daughter and I very much enjoy playing Catan with the hexels. The superglue final wore off our finger tips :-)
-Karla E.

I’m super pumped for this. I have five unique Catan boards already and this is just another cool way to play the original game.
You’ve run a solid campaign. What’s next for you guys? More campaigns? Game stuff?
-Levi B.

If you end up with extra hexels i would be interested.
-Miranda G.

Hi Tim; I have been following Hexels for about a year (since March 2013). I understand you have tons of orders going out but if you somehow find you have a set available (19, 30, 59, whatever) I’d be really grateful. We have board game night on a weekly basis and are catan junkies!

I just need the plastic; you don’t even have to supply the magnets! I’ll pay whatever you think is reasonable (and probably more!). I can use PayPal or any other payment.

Thank you for your time!
-Dan T.

These Hexels are brilliant.  They make the Settlers of Catan game work so neatly.  Definitely on my birthday list.
-Terry W.

Is there any opportunity to purchase a set of Hexels or get the information for a 3D print of these amazing things?
-Max G.

Is there any way to purchase a set of hexels? My boyfriend had his set and games, stolen out of his car and he’s heartbroken. I’d be such a hero if I could replace them.
-Grace B.