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Custom Rear End for Triumph Thunderbird Sport

Before and after the Triumph Thunderbird Sport fender eliminator

I wasn’t happy with the rear end on my Triumph Thunderbird Sport.  So I decided to design my own fender eliminator kit using 3d printing.  Below is a picture of the bike with the original rear end.

Triumph Thunderbird Sport with original rear end


It’s a great looking bike, especially with those racing carbs attached to the engine, but it felt like something was missing.  Or rather, something should be missing.

My first iteration on the custom rear end was still a bit clunky.

Triumph Thunderbird Sport Fender Eliminator kit

There was a plate to protect the newly exposed underside of the seat (far right), the plate for the license plate and new LED brake/turn signal lights to attach to (left) and a spacer to get the right amount of clearance from the frame to attach the license plate mount (top).  There was a bit of warping on the license plate mount due to the orientation it was printed in (hence the cracks), but overall it just wasn’t minimal enough.  From this iteration the only piece I kept was the plate to protect the underside of the seat (which I have since painted black).

Here is the final version of the fender eliminator kit.

3d printed fender eliminator kit


As you can see, these two pieces which are mirror images of each other have a much smaller profile than the previous iteration, they attach easily to the side of the frame, and they will house both the license plate as well as the new super bright LED brake lights and integrated turn signals.  They also use far less plastic and are less prone to warping when being created.

triumph thunderbird sport fender eliminator kit

Above is the test fitting of all the new wiring to integrate the brake lights, turn signals, and license plate lights (gotta keep this thing legal!).

3d printed fender eliminator kit

Here is everything installed with the wires nicely tucked away.

Custom triumph thunderbird sport fender rear end

And here is a full picture of the Triumph Thunderbird Sport after the rear end was installed.  With this new look the “Sport” title on this bike finally makes sense!

If you would like to 3d print these pieces for your own bike, here are the files you will need (just click the links to download.  They will be in STL format) and links to the lighting accessories I used:

Under Seat Plate
Rear Bracket – Left
Rear Bracket – Right
LEB Brake Lights (and integrated turn signals)
LED Plate Lights

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