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Tim is a 6-figure international entrepreneur who earned his first patent at 23. He's an innovative problem solver and thought leader whose insights have been featured in World Renowned outlets like Mashable. Tim has more than a decade of experience working with tech companies, like Google, to find the root causes of issues and increase output, and that’s what he wants to do for the human body. He believes you have to get at the root cause of issues and think through other, more innovative, ways to solve them. That’s what he’s done his entire life and his entire career, including for Billion Dollar tech companies, where he received numerous awards for his work. Tim is now carrying that into helping people overcome allergies with food and not pharmaceuticals. Disrupting the health and food space by educating individuals about how we are grossly misinformed when it comes to the food we eat. He is a sought after speaker on the topics of “how to make cooking easy”, “salt”, “weightloss”, “pottery”, “woodworking” and “Micro-computers”. As a disruptive Health Coach he can help any Entrepreneur with Allergies to experience a vibrant energy filled life free of allergy symptoms through utilizing this sought after Feel Great Tomorrow system.


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