Dates with Goat Cheese, Pistachios, and Flake Salt

appetizer easy healthy Sep 13, 2020

Here is a step-by-step guide to make dates with goat cheese, pistachios, and flake salt. This appetizer easy to make and never fails to impress!

Step 1: Watch the step-by-step video 

Step 2: Tools you'll need

  • Cutting board
  • A small, sturdy knife.  Preferably a pairing knife
  • Butter knife or small, sturdy spatula (anything that isn't sharp will work)


  • Serving tray

Step 3: Prepare your ingredients

  • 1 package of dates
    • Pre-pitted will save you some time, but they won't taste as good as ones with the pit still in
  • 1x 8oz.–16oz. package of pistachios, in the shell
    • Again, shelled pistachios will save you time, but don't taste as good as the ones still in the shell
  • 1x 5oz. package of goat cheese
  • A dry flake salt

Step 4: Cut your dates in half

If your dates are pre-pitted, slice them in half, the long way, and set aside until all the dates are cut in two.  If your dates still have the pit in, cut along the length of the date, peel open with your fingers, and remove the pit.  Then cut the date the rest of the way so you have two equal halves.  Continue until you have halved all of the dates.

Step 5: Add the goat cheese, salt, and pistachios

Using a butter knife or small spatula, scoop a little goat cheese and add to each of the date halves, filling the cavity left by the pit.  Take a small pinch of your favorite flake salt and sprinkle on top of each date.  Shell as many pistachios as you have dates and press each one softly into the goat cheese.  If you are feeling particularly nutty, you can add more than one pistachio to each of your dates.

Step 6: Eat up

Place these on a nice serving platter so you get the psychological benefit of making your food taste better by presenting it in an attractive way, and that's it.  Your dates are ready.  This recipe scales well, so you can make as many or as few as you like.  



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