S'more Pie

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2021


- 1 sleeve of graham crackers (about 8 oz.)
- 4 Tbsp. unsalted butter, melted
- 1 jar of marshmallow fluff/marshmallow crème/Jet-Puffed (7 oz.)
- 1 5.9 oz. package of chocolate pudding (avoid the low-fat stuff and check the weight. The same size box is sometimes only 2.3 oz., which won't work here)
- 1 1/2 C. buttermilk
- 1 1/2 C. heavy cream

You'll want a pie tin or springform pan (which works even better), mixing bowl, whisk, spatula, and something to crush your graham crackers with (a rolling pin +zip lock baggie works well. You can also use your fists, a hammer, food processor, blender, or wine bottles). A microwave is also helpful for melting your butter and heating up the marshmallow fluff so it is easier to spread around.

If you want to get a little 'extra', get your hands on a cooking torch so we can make the marshmallow "toasted"!



  1. Crush graham crackers, add melted butter and mix until homogenous. Press your graham cracker mixture into the bottom of your pie tin or springform pan to create your crust. Feel free to use a small object with a flat bottom to firmly compact the bottom of your crust so it holds together better later (the bottom of a measuring cup works well)
  2. Place your marshmallow fluff in a microwave safe bowl (use a spoon dipped in hot water to make it easier to remove the marshmallow from the jar) and microwave in 10-second increments 2-3 times, or until it is soft and spreadable. Pour your marshmallow onto the crust and spread from the center out to the sides to keep the crust from falling apart.
  3. Bonus: If you have a cooking torch, whip that out and toast the top of your marshmallow to add that perfect "s'more" flavor! A broiler can be used for this, but it's very easy for this to light on fire so do not walk away and be ready to immediately blow out any flames that spring up. Or better yet, just use the torch.
  4. Add half of your package of chocolate pudding and the buttermilk to a medium sized bowl and whisk until there are no more lumps. Add the rest of your pudding mix and the heavy cream and mix until homogenous. This mixture should be pretty thick! *Pour on top of your marshmallow and spread evenly.
  5. Chill in the fridge, covered, for 1 hr before serving. Then enjoy!

*You actually have a couple options here.

  1. If you are using a springform pan, go ahead and pour the chocolate pudding mixture on top. Once you cut into it, some of the marshmallow will start to flow out due to the weight of the pudding on top. Just make sure to put the rim back onto the springform pan before returning the pie to the fridge, or you'll have a big mess everywhere!
  2. If you are using a pie pan, you can chill or freeze the graham cracker and marshmallow layers for a bit before adding the pudding mixture on top (keep the pudding in the fridge while this is happening). This will keep the marshmallow from getting squeezed up the sides of your pan while you are adding the pudding mixture later. You can also just go for it right away and know that it won't look the prettiest, but it will still taste amazing!

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