Kitchen Equipment

"The only unitasker allowed in my kithchen is a fire extinguisher"

Alton Brown
International Chef and Creator/Host of Good Eats

Kitchen Equipment

I hate “unitaskers”—Tools with only one use, such as “strawberry corers—because they are a waste of space and money. Plus, they are typically difficult to clean and don’t even do what they are supposed to do very well. So, when I buy tools for my kitchen, they must be very functional and need to make my life significantly easier. Below is a list of versatile equipment every kitchen should have. There are few items which truly improve the quality of your cooking, and these are some of them. If there is an item on this list you are hesitating on buying, know that I wouldn’t have included it if it wasn’t going to make a significant difference.

• 8in Chef Knife (Victorinox, MadeIn, Misen, and Miyabi are all good choices)
• Paring Knife (Victorinox is good, Global is a classic)
Kitchen Shears (avoid the ones with the serration in the handle. It's easy to cut yourself)
Small Offset Spatula
Fish Spatula
Sturdy silicone spatulas (any spatulas from the brand GIR are good)
½ Tray Baking Sheets (at least 2)
½ Tray Cooling Racks (at least 2)
A nonstick pan (mostly for eggs)
• A heavy bottomed pan (enameled cast iron is great for this and
easier to care for than cast iron. Stainless Steel is also a good choice)
Dutch Oven (doubles as a heavy bottomed pan and a stock pot)
Pre-cut parchment paper (makes cleanup a breeze)
• A set of stainless steel mixing bowls
• A very accurate instant-read probe thermometer
(Thermoworks is the best and they don't sell anywhere other than their website)
A good cutting board (OXO makes a great 14.5"x21" one)
A set of 4 to 6 1 Cup ramekins (1C. = 8oz.)
Large Kitchen Scale (the pull-out screen is incredibly helpful)
Small Kitchen Scale (for very accurate measurements of small ingredients)


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