Do you ever feel insecure about your cooking?

“I would cook more, but it might not turn out well”

“I could never make something like that!”

“I’m just not a good cook”

Is this the story you tell yourself when something you cook doesn’t turn out like the picture? Or worse, do you not even try to cook at all because you are scared it won’t be “good enough”? Does your food not look “instagram worthy” so you give up?

I hear this from people all the time -> “I’d cook more, but I’m not a very good cook”, “the recipe never looks like the picture. I must be doing something wrong”, “you need the really nice tools to make most things, and I just don’t have them”


Let me be clear. All of these beliefs are false, and it’s not your fault.


Recipe bloggers leave out critical steps all the time! I once messaged a blogger after their pumpkin bread recipe made a tiny loaf that looked nowhere near as big and fluffy as the one in their picture. And do you know what their response was? “Oh, I made a double batch for the picture and used that because it looked better.” Well how the hell is anyone supposed to know that?!? They all think they’re doing it wrong!

Learn How to Cook Amazing Food, Now!

Deborah Fritz

"My friend and I LOVED your sessions!! They were lively, informative, doable, fun, and engaging"

Michael Flores

"It's rare to find someone with this much passion for cooking who also understands the health side of things."

Yana Keller

"Tim got me so excited to cook that after our very first conversation I baked up 3 heart shaped cauliflower pizzas!"

Master cooking and take control of your health

I'm going to teach you the easiest ways possible to master cooking, improve the quality of your life, take control of your health, and nourish those around you. Rich, satisfying, and delicious foods can and are easy to make.

As passionate as I am about food, I am equally passionate about health. You're going to learn how to take charge of your health so you can make the decisions that are right for YOU! There is no one diet that is a silver bullet for all people, but there is one thing common among all of them. If you're the one cooking, you get to make the decisions of exactly what goes into your food. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, Plant Paradox, Keto, Paleo, or none of the above, being able to pick and choose your ingredients will drastically change not only your ability to follow your given health goals, it'll allow you to do it with food that tastes so much better than anything you've ever tasted. 


"When eating healthy tastes better, and is more fun, than eating unhealthy you no longer have a diet, you have a lifestyle."


Equally important, there are times when you just want a really fucking good dessert. You're going to learn how to make some of the best desserts you've ever tasted, 


A low-fat , sugar-substitute, flavorless dessert doesn't help anyone! If you have an unsatisfying dessert, you're just going to eat more of it, because your body wants to feel satisfied. When it's not satisfied you just eat more and more and more. What's worse, those substitutes you're using are almost always worse for you than the original thing. When you do have dessert, it should be the highest quality version you can get your hands on. Anything less is a waste of your time.

Take Control of Your Health, now!

"When eating healthy tastes better, and is more fun, than eating unhealthy you no longer have a diet, you have a lifestyle."

Become a phenomenal baker that everyone adores

Most great baking is just using a few key fundamentals or a few basic recipes, over and over again. The problem is these fundamentals are almost always glossed over in cookbooks and blogs. Did you know using a glass pan vs. a metal one will significantly change how your bake turns out? Or that most cake designers make their cakes days ahead of time so they are cold enough to make the rest of the process easier? How about needing to put your bowl and beaters into the freezer at least 20-minutes before trying to make whipped cream?


More than half the recipes I read on a daily basis don’t make these distinctions, but they will make or break your baking!


You ever read a textbook and think “This stuff makes no sense! It's almost like it was written for professors, not for students!”? That’s because, just like many cookbooks and blogs, it wasn’t written for you, it was written to make the writer look good to their peers!

So let me ask you a question. Is it really true that you’re not a good baker, or have you been handed recipes that set you up for failure with unrealistic expectations and inaccurate photos?


Learn the Secrets of Great Baking, Now!

My food never looks as good as the picture

Do you know how much people pay for an “instagram food-photography” course? An intro level course is $500+! No wonder their food looks so good! It’s not that they are “better cooks”, they just paid $500 to learn how to only show you the best angle with the best lighting!


Frankly, which would you rather have, a steak that looks amazing or a steak that tastes amazing? I know my answer. And I know I can teach you how to make food that truly tastes amazing too.

Learn How to Cook Amazing Food, Now!

How do I learn to cook?

Humans learn fastest and have the greatest retention when we are having fun and are surrounded by others who are also having fun. So the best way to learn any new skill is to do it with a group. By joining a group of like-minded peers committed to taking control of their cooking and their health led by an experienced chef, you'll be the master of the kitchen in no time. 

Perfectly Cooked Dinners

Easy, delicious, and crowd-pleasing dinners any night of the week

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Less Food Waste

The average family wastes $1,752/year from food going bad before they can eat it. Learn how to cook with whatever you have on hand and save $146/month!

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Phenomenal Desserts

Learn how to make desserts that will make everyone drool for more

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"In baking, rising agents are what cause expansion, growth, and lift in your food. In life, a Rising Agent is someone that causes expansion, growth, and lift in the people around them."

 Join the Rising Agents

Why is this group called the "Rising Agents"? In baking a "rising agent" is something that causes expansion, growth, and lift. Baking soda, yeast, and egg whites are all examples of rising agents. They're what give breads their fluffy texture and cakes their delectable crumb. Without them food can become stodgy and gummy. With them, you unlock a world of possibilities. That's exactly what you'll be doing. Unlocking a world of possibilities through growth, expansion, and lift. If you've gotten this far then you are a Rising Agent. You want more out of life and you're on a pursuit to get it!

Who this group is for

If you want to be able to cook delicious food, gain confidence in the kitchen, and take control of your health. This group is for you. If you have a nice kitchen and feel like you never use it, this group is for you. If you already like to cook, but feel there is something missing that is keeping you from the next level, this group is for you. If you want your food at home to taste as good as the food at a restaurant, this group is for you. If you are flexible and coachable, this group is for you.

Who this group is NOT for

If you have strong feelings about the ethics of meat consumption and can’t stand to be around others who eat meat, this group is not for you. If you have credit card debt that is mounting up every month, this group is not for you. If you don’t care about your health or the health of your family, this group is not for you. If you are rigid and uncoachable, this group is not for you.

You can't go wrong

You will learn how to make delicious, healthy, flavorful, and decadent food! I know it with such conviction that I always offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t think you've received every penny’s worth of value, you get every cent back. And the only question I’ll ask is “how could I make this better for the next person?”


Private chef training can get expensive! I’ve easily spent a few hundred dollars for an hour and a half of a chef’s time to learn a skill I was interested in, but my intention isn’t to make this group break the bank. It should be attainable to everyone! I could easily charge $497/month for this group, and it would be completely worth it, but that’s not what you’re going to pay.

"I'm going to make a visible dent in America's health epidemic"

- Tim Walsh

Meet Tim Walsh, your coach

I'm fairly certain my mom was strongly influenced by the philosophy: If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for the rest of his life.

Because when I was 4-years old I asked for french toast so frequently that my mom decided it was better to teach a 4-year old to cook than to give them french toast for a day. I've been cooking ever since and absolutely love it!

I'm the guy who reads cook books for fun. I study the origins of specific ingredients like salt or butter, simply because I find it fascinating (did you know that the term "salary" came from the fact that we used to pay our soldiers in salt??). I routinely use the scientific method and A/B testing to improve my recipes and process. And, I get unending joy from sharing and teaching these things to others.

I was also the kid who grew up feeling like an outcast... 

When I was a kid I suffered from severe allergies that would constantly put my body into a state of shock! I couldn’t breath, I’d break out in itchy hives, my nose was always running, and making friends was an absolute nightmare (somehow my suffering infuriated the people around me). Apparently listening to someone who has the “sniffles” is more frustrating than actually having them! Go figure. My mom did everything she could to reduce the things that would trigger my allergies. She put filters on every vent in the house, she read the ingredients on all of the food we were buying, purchased the inhalers, stashed bottles of benadryl all over the house in case of a sudden allergy attack, and even paid ridiculous fees to allergy specialists to figure out how to help alleviate the pain I was going through. Turns out, when you’re allergic to dust, pollen, and animals and you live on a farm in the middle of Wisconsin, there’s just no way to get away from these things. What’s worse, the best over-the-counter medicine available at the time (benadryl… I can still taste that foul red liquid) included a red food dye that I (and 60% of all allergy sufferers) was allergic to. The medicine I was taking was literally hurting me at the same time it was helping me! 

The Benadryl was a great lesson though. More than the environment, it was the foods I was eating that were causing my body to freak out at the slightest whiff of dust or pollen. My family was following all of the published guidelines on how to be healthy. Lots of grains and veggies, plenty of dairy, small amounts of meat, and very few sweeteners.  But it wasn't until I started to educate myself on the research about what foods truly help and hinder the human body that I was able to take control of my health. Once I learned the reality of how inaccurate food wisdom in the U.S. was and how I could have avoided years of suffering if someone had only given me the real information, I was hooked on health just as much as I was with cooking.

In this group I combine those two passions to teach you how to become a phenomenal chef and baker, but I'm also going to share with you the knowledge and skills you need to take control of your health, instead of leaving it in the hands of fast food restaurants and food manufacturers.

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